Hello World, I go by the name of Pee-Z, a producer/artist & CEO of Pure Creations Inc. I’m from Columbia, SC born and raised, the youngest of 5 siblings born to John & Janie Jenkins. Growing up in a house of 7 was tough at times. My parents did their best to provide for all of us. You could only imagine how rough it could be for me, not only being the baby but spoiled rotten as well. I would get away with murder which didn’t really sit well with my other siblings. Those days would soon end when I started feeling myself after my second oldest brother’s wedding. This was the moment I fell in love with music. My brother hands me the mic at his reception and I started free styling. I couldn’t tell you where it came from or how I knew what to do, but I did. I had to be at least 8 or 9 years of age. I come from a musically inclined family. My mother and sister could sing, my third oldest brother could play drums and my oldest brother acted as our manager in a sense. My pops well…he thought he could sing – He loves the Delfonics. So like I said I, I come from a musically inclined family.
In Jr. High after moving around so much, we finally found a place to call home. Around that time I met a guy named Dorian, who lived a few houses from me. Real yellow fella about two years or so older. He would introduce me to Fruity Loops 4, after hearing me rap on the bus one day. He was a very lyrical and conscious rapper. He taught me how to make beats and I took off with it. Due to having a musically inclined family, the beats were already in my head and that’s how producing came about. I was making music before my time. It’s been over a decade of me making beats. My legacy is looking very promising through my kids who have inherited my love for music. They dance to just about everything. 
To anyone out there pursuing any dream, go for it! Never let up for anyone while doing it. People will try to get you off your focus when they see you have talent or are better than they are at something. I played sports too but my heart was music. Make sure you have a game plan. I’m Pee-Z – CEO, ARTIST & PRODUCER @ PCI. I have my own bran with about 7 dope artist under me. We are all coming for the title. Be on the look out.